Pre Construction

Pre-Construction Strategy

Pre-construction is the foundation of any project, so ensuring you have a quality team is essential. The pre-construction phase lays the foundation for a successful project and relies heavily on effective communication. Our team develops a plan that ensures obstacles can be overcome effectively and efficiently when they arise. We provide a one-on-one approach to each job and pride ourselves on transparency throughout your project.

A thorough construction analysis allows a complete assessment to the project to ensure it can be completed within the desired timeline and budget. The goal is to mitigate future risk associated with the construction of the project, including evaluation of the project site, permit and inspection requirements, ID special conditions and any other issues or situations that need to be resolved or addressed prior or during construction. We take a strategic approach to overcome any issues to maximize our ability to provide industry-leading service and satisfaction. We have found that these components have helped our client’s projects succeed. Our pre construction phase includes the eight components listed below.

Risk Management

MacCo ensures effective risk management to prevent and eliminate potential safety risks. Our team will work to devise a risk management plan that outlines steps required to avoid safety and business interruption risks. Our goal is to identify potential risks and the impact they can have onyour project. We then evaluate those risks in fulldetail to ensure nothing is overlooked.