Safety Program Overview

Please allow this overview as documentation regarding MacCo Builders safety program initiatives:

  • A comprehensive safety manual has been completed and placed on the company’s shared network to provide immediate information to all team members and managers regarding specific safety programs and policies.
  • Company OSHA 300 Logs have been completed per the requirements, and all online accident and injury data has been submitted per the requirements for the 2022 year.
  • All team members have been trained at the awareness and authorized level regarding specific OSHA-related training topics such as fall protection safety, lockout tagout authorized to use, personal protective equipment use and inspection, and powered industrial trucks specific to all-terrain forklifts and straight mast forklifts. Certification training for aerial lifts and booms lifts has also been completed.
  • Management team members have been completing and reviewing all job hazard analyses specific to each job site, contractor, and job task. JHA’s have also been placed on the company shared network for other team members and subcontractors to utilize.
  • A compilation of all chemicals and SDS sheets has been completed and placed on the company-shared network to provide immediate information specific to all chemicals that are utilized at each job site and or facility.
  • A review of all personal protective equipment has been completed, and specific training regarding the use of specific PPE, maintenance, and how to obtain the proper personal protective equipment has been completed.